How To Save: Frugal To The Extreme

being-frugalWhen you talk about saving money and spending wisely, there are a lot of different techniques to do that, although, some are easy to implement others are a little difficult but the end results are what matter. We have come up with a list of tips and techniques that you can use to save your money more efficiently.

1- Don’t use a dryer

It might sound ridiculous at first, you might say that your dryer is very efficient and effective but the truth is, if you let go of your dryer for drying your clothes and dry your clothes by hanging them on a line, you can save up to $100 a year. If you don’t have an open area in your house or a backyard then you can also dry your clothes by hanging them inside your apartment.

2- Don’t use a dish washer

You might be surprised by how stupid of an idea it may seem but letting go of your dish washer and washing the dishes by hand with a sink full of water can save you a lot of money. Be sure not to waste a lot of water either.

3- Homemade laundry detergent

If you didn’t know that before, you can make your own laundry detergent at home. It’s easy and feels good as all of its ingredients go through your hands and you can customize it according to your needs. Making a laundry detergent is easy, look it up on Google.

4- Switch to public transportation

If you use your car on a daily basis, it is a given that you are spending a lot of money on fuel and parking places. You will be shocked after knowing the amount of money you can save just by switching on to public transportation. Another good idea for saving money is to ask around in your office if anyone wants to share a ride with you.

5- Handmade Gifts

You can look up a lot of great unique and creative ideas on Pinterest for making an awesome handmade gift. There are a lot of tutorials on making a great gift. Even an expensive item cannot make up for something that you took the time to make or as they say “with love”.

6- Lookout for Freebie offers and discounts

There are literally hundreds of websites out there that offer free stuff sites from magic freebies to You can sign up on a couple of them and can bring home a lot of household stuff for free including soaps, shampoos, detergents, pet food and the list goes on. Some of these brands even offer real products for the sake of marketing and product testing.

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Free Children’s Activities for Summer

happykidsinsummerKids are all about playing. Well, they have other activities too (like eating and its opposite), but playing is what they are thinking about even as they do these other things. Some summer activities cost more than others, and on the really good end of things, we even have free fun activities.

If summer is coming up and you’re wondering what free things your kids can engage in, here are seven things you should look out for.

Kids Bowl Free

This is a chance to see if your kid might be a pro-bowler in the making. It’s a great time for kids to learn to coordinate their eyes and hands, and share by taking turns. Dates vary by state and you should also understand the rules at each bowling location.

Free Park Access

On April 16th to 24th and June 21, National parks offer free access. It would be a good idea to pull out the bike, tune and oil it up to explore the spaces. You can take a look at the list of National Parks and where they are located to see which ones are close to home.

Free Museum Days

This is great if you would like your kids to do some sight-seeing for free. A good way to find out which days will be free is by entering ‘free museum days YEAR + (City/State). This will show you which museums, history centres, and zoos are open to the public for free.

Target Stores Arts Events

From time to time, Target sponsors arts and cultural events at a reduced price or even free. These are held nationwide at different locations.

Big Box Build-It Classes

You can secure your kid some classes and other children’s activities by pre-registering for free with Lowe’s and Home Depot. On Saturday, Lowe’s holds Build and Grow classes while Home Depot has several workshops spread throughout the year. Kids are always proud to showcase something they’ve made with their parent at these events.

Library Reading Program

Libraries work with banks and shops to offer incentives to those encouraging reading in children. If they see that you are reading to your kids or encouraging the spirit of reading in them in any way, your kids might get free food and even cash as an incentive.

Other Free Activities

Other fun and free activities for kids include free local movie theatre showings and auctions. For music-loving kids, attending a practice session at the local orchestra can be fun. If you would like to catch all the free fun stuff for kids, keep an eye on the local paper or do a Google search for free events for your local city or town.

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How To Save Money At An Airport

So what do you do if you find yourself at the airport with three things: a delayed flight, a growling stomach, and a tight budget? Well, ordinarily, all you can do is go into an involuntary fast and keep on nursing your dry lips. But, you don’t have to.


Here are some things you can do as a frugal ninja trying to weather hunger at an airport.

Look for a Drug Store

The majority of airports have shopping malls, and in these malls are regional and even national drug store chains. These do not just stock medication. They can also have snack and beverages at a more competitive price compared to other places at the same mall. These are usually cookies of different sorts, yoghurt, iced cappuccino, crackers, nuts, and similar foods.

Drink Tea

You can get hot coffee and fancy espresso drinks at a cost of £3 to £4 for a cup from beverage carts, specialty stores and cafes. By opting to drink tea, you can slash that amount down by half. There are lots of tea flavours that will give you a glimpse of luxury.

Go Green

No, not energy-wise, we are talking about vegetables. You can get an ordinary green salad at a happy price in most airport eating places. All round vegetable salads can cost you as little as £1 to £3. The other advantage is that you are actually eating healthy.

Pack Food

You can depend on luck to find cheap bargains but how about carrying your own food. There are certain foods you can conveniently carry without the risk of going bad. Tuna cans and snacks can be a real life saver in case you are delayed and on a budget.

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Going To Disney Land On The Cheap…

Disney is the home of fun! However, most people think they need to burn a hole in their pockets to enjoy the exciting offerings Disney has. The truth is, there are some things you can do at Walt Disney World that need no park admission.


Here is a list of things you can do at Disney with little to no money.

Disney’s Boardwalk

The wonderful Disney Boardwalk is built around a lake. It has an unforgettable theme that reminds you of Cape May or even Coney Island in the 1940s.

Disney Springs (formerly known as Downtown Disney)

This is a great place to have fun while window shopping. If you have some cash, you can treat yourself to some nice purchases at the restaurant zone. What’s more, you also get loads of totally free entertainment.

Disney’s Resort Hotels

Disney’s hotels are not your everyday type of hotel. They are themed and will literally leave you breathless. They all have unique themes which anyone can find pretty eye-catching.


Celebration is a planned community that was developed by Walt Disney. It only takes ten minutes to drive from Disney World to the town. What’s the big deal about Celebration? Well, it’s got buildings that are designed to look old, so it’s a lot like travelling back in time.

The Disney Wilderness Preserve

The Disney Wilderness Preserve allows you to take a look at native animals and plants along a 2.5-mile trail. It lies 20 miles south of Orlando.

Take a Boat Ride

This is a wonderful experience, especially during the night when it’s all magical and romantic

Take an Evening Carriage Ride

For just £45, you can have a chance to take a 25-minute carriage ride at Fort Wilderness or the Port Orleans Riverside resorts.

Take an Evening Wagon Ride

If you have kids aged 3-9, all you need is $5 for an evening wagon ride around Fort Wilderness Campground, for a long 45 minutes. Adults will have to pay $8.

Food and Drink

It’s not unusual to get a light meal or delightful snack for $10. Bear in mind, this is at a beautiful resort hotel and it includes tax, tip, and also covers sit-down location in a beautiful atmosphere.

Go swimming!

You can have a swim at any hotel in the Orlando area as most have an outdoor pool. There are also waterslides and other wonderful water features.

Play miniature golf.

You have two courses to choose from: the Fantasia Gardens and Winter Summerland. This only costs $10 for kids and £8 for adults. If you are lucky, you can get yourself a decent discount.

Go fishing.

At port Orleans Riverside and Ft. Wilderness, you can rent cane poles for $9 for a whole day per pole. But, it should be noted that these are catch-and-release areas, strictly.

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How to Reduce Your Family Budget

happyfamilysavingmoneySmall changes in the way you use electrical appliances may seem to generate only small savings. But, over a year, these little savings add up and cuts of 20% are attainable. You can start by switching from the ordinary incandescent bulbs to the more energy efficient fluorescent type, the CFLs. For further savings, why not avoid turning the water heater on when you’re not using it, for example during the day and on vacations?

Those, of course, are just examples of how you can cut down on costs and have some breathing space on a tight budget, as explained by the money saving expert. Even if you think your budget is already lean, a closer look will reveal some fat you can trim.

According to Jessica Cecere, president of MSE, what you need is a realistic look at your current spending habits, and then see what changes you can manage to make.

Consumers, for example, can reduce their electric bills by 50 or more dollars by using cold water to wash their clothes, going for energy efficient bulbs, and using a programmable thermostat, the specialist said.

The flowing are some other recommended savings.

Trim Salon Visits

In reality, you can do without the majority of your visits to the salon yearly. DIY haircuts, pedicures, and manicures can save you hundreds of dollars per year. You can spread out your visits to your favourite salons throughout the year, with your own home-done trimmings filling the spaces in-between.

Free Movies

The importance of entertainment can’t be ruled out. But by utilizing libraries and community centres, you can get free movie rentals. You can save £20 to £40 per month if you can borrow from the library. An alternative would be to set up an informal movie library with your circle of friends.

Review monthly expenses

Go through your credit card statement every now and then to check for erroneous deductions. These usually come in form of subscriptions you may have terminated or are no longer in need of. They include gym subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, subscriptions to websites, and more.

Go green

Energy efficient appliances are the way to go. Most appliances display their energy efficiency level and you would do well to go for the really efficient ones. Over its life span, an energy efficient appliance will save you a handsome figure in dollars. The biggest culprits are stoves, refrigerators, and bulbs. CFL bulbs, for example, use 75% less energy than ordinary ones. What’s more, they last ten times longer.

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